electric blue bird buses and volvo VNR Electric trucks

How to Change Your Electric Bus or Truck Fleet


  • Bus/Truck Purchase
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Charging Station (Software/V2G/Demand Response)
  • Design and Planning

Community Support

  • Mayor/ Town Council
  • School Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Sustainability Director
  • Finance Director
  • Transportation Director
  • Ownership/Executive


  • Grant Writer
  • Grant Writing Assistance 
  • Federal Grants
  • State Grants
  • Electric Company Grants/Programs

Financing & Purchasing

  • Municipal Finance Lease (Bank Financing)
  • Third Party Financing
  • Cash
  • Foundation/Donation
  • Traditional Bank Financing
Electric buses

Electric Bus and Truck Operation Basics

Infrastructure additions are part of the integration process when bringing electric buses and trucks into your fleet. The good news is that infrastructure can help you better manage your energy needs overall! We can help you navigate what companies can support your needs and find potential financial assistance and grants that may be available.

Range on the Blue Bird’s Electric buses can get up to 130 miles in a single charge, depending on terrain and driving habits.

Range for the Micro Bird Type A Electric bus can get up to 100 miles in a single charge.

Range for Volvo VNR Electric Trucks can get up to 275 miles in a single charge, depending on terrain and driving habits.

Charging with a typical Level 2 (AC) charger, Blue Bird Electric buses can charge in approximately 8 hours. With the new fast charging option, which utilizes CCS1 plug, our buses can charge in approximately 3 hours!

A Level 2, 240 charging station can take up to 6 hours to charge the Micro Bird Type A Electric bus from empty to full.

The Volvo VNR Electric truck energy storage system can be charged to 80% in only 60 minutes in a 4 battery configuration, and 90 minutes in a 6 battery configuration – with a 250kW charger. Both CCS1 & CCS2 connectors are available.

Electric Makes Cents

When purchasing a bus or truck, one should consider
the total cost it will take to maintain and fuel
vehicle throughout its lifetime. Blue Bird’s
Vision and All American RE Electric buses as well as the Micro Bird Type A Electric bus and Volvo’s VNR Electric truck cut costs on fuel and have fewer moving
parts, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Electric bus
Volvo VNR truck

The Electric Powertrain is Maintenance-Free

  • No Engine Oil Changes
  • No Engine Air Filter Change
  • No Smog Check/ Testing
  • No Spark or Glow Plug
  • No Coil Replacements
  • No Transmission Maintenance
  • Brake Pad Change Intervals are Longer
  • Fewer Coolant Changes Needed

Grants and Funding Make Electric Buses/Trucks Affordable

Along with reduced maintenance and fuel costs, many government subsidies and grants are available to help you buy electric buses and trucks – talk to us about grant options, as it varies by location.

With grant writing services available we are electric transportation experts on buses and heavy trucks. Zero emissions to protect the environment! Call us to learn more about electrifying your fleet.

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